Sunday, June 30, 2013


tuning up
her 'I'm leaving for 6 weeks so can you make my favorite dessert" dessert the night before (cherry pie)
packing up
skyping with big bro
"ok mom, enough with the photos.. can we get to my cabin now? please?"
she's off!
Will and I returned the next day to say one more goodbye.  she was like, "really?"
one more squeeze before she ran off
So my youngest babe, the one who used to cling to me with all her might, the one who would cry if I even looked as if I was going to leave the room without her, the one who said she would never want to leave home... has left home. Just for six weeks, mind you, but left home all the same.  It's weird how you rehearse a major event in your head before it happens, so that you don't embarrass yourself when it actually happens. I rehearsed my goodbye to her in my head over and over again before the moment came and I thought I had it all together... but I didn't. It came quickly and felt strange and scary (for me).  I was the one whose eyes welled up the way hers used to so many years ago because I knew she would be leaving the room (our home), for 6 weeks. I managed to hold it together until Will and I got to our inn, but as soon as I entered the room (it was lovely, but it didn't matter) and sat on the big bed (also lovely but that didn't matter either), I cried like a baby.  For lots of reasons.  Because she was going to be away from me for 6 weeks. Because the house would be so incredibly quiet without her sweet voice filling the empty spaces. Because her laughter would have to be pulled from my memory instead of from her vocal chords filling my ears because I said something ridiculous and she laughs so easily at anything I say.  Because... because... she's my baby and yes, she wanted to go away this summer and I had to let her, she was ready and we were ready for her to leave (or so we thought).
It's a done deal. She's there and we are here and like it or not, our little girl is growing up. She'll be back  and we will celebrate her return and rest again in the sound of her laughter filling up those empty spaces in our home. But I know that it will only be for a time and then she will want to leave once again for someplace away from her daddy and me. And that is as it should be, but for now, here in this weird strange space without her, we miss her. So much.  Have fun beautiful girl and see you in 6 weeks!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Fun

This Christmas season there was......

a night at the museum.....

baking (of course!).....

 a very last minute request for a warm scarf.....

over 700 feet of yarn......

done! (on the way to the airport, and not a minute to spare)

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Monday, October 1, 2012

50 ways.......

Dear Will,
In celebration of your 50th birthday, my love, I made a list of 50 reasons why I love you so very much.

I love.....

1. your sense of humor
2. your smile!
3. the way you look at me over your eyeglasses when you're trying to be serious and I make you laugh anyway.
4. your heart for our children
5. the fact that, in spite of myself, you still love me!
6. your legs (hubba hubba!)  
7. when you remind me that I have no rhythm while you're busy singing off key
8. your amazing work ethic, rain or shine, healthy or sick, how you grind it out day after day after day
9. the way you eat a hamburger
10. the way you drive with one arm resting while your other arm steers the wheel with your head kind of tilted to the side when you're in deep thought (or about to fall asleep)
11. your cooking
12. your arms (hubba hubba again!)
13. how you think about everyone else before you think of yourself
14. your goatee (hubba hubba once more!)
15. your ears
16. how you knew, without me suggesting it, to throw your sneakers away after you stepped in dog poop
17. the way you snort really hard when you're laughing at something really funny
18. the fact that you love my baking
19. the fact that you chose me to be your wife!
20. the grey in your hair and beard
21. your shoulders
22. when you whisk me off my feet without worrying about hurting your back
23. how you let me win an argument (or 2!)
24. how you don't let me win an argument (or 3!)
25. that you are a wonderful example of a godly man to our son and daughter
26. your infectious love of animated TV shows (rated G)
27. referring to #26, the fact that you laugh with me whenever the Flintstones are on
28. that you still want to take me out on dates
29. that you love me more than you love yourself
30. that it takes quite a lot (a whole lot!) to make you angry
31. that it doesn't take a lot to make you smile (see #2)
32. that you tease me about my love for Masterpiece Mystery, which returns without fail every season, while you continue to search for a series to watch that doesn't get canceled after it's first episode
33. the way you won't to eat Chips Ahoy cookies anymore because you think my cookies are the best
34. how you try to use Zoe as an excuse to make a Magnolia Bakery run
35. the fact that you don't make fun of any of my "great ideas"
36. that you pray for me, everyday
37.that you pray for our kids, everyday
38. that I can trust that you will always keep all of my secrets!
39. that I can always cry on your shoulder
40. the fact that you let me get away with a lot (I mean a lot!)
41. that you can be so careful with my emotions during "that time of the month"
42. that you wash dishes....
43. ... and cook dinner!....
44. .... and breakfast!..
45. the fact that the only reason I know how to make a killer pie crust is because you taught me
46. that you love Jesus
47. that because of #46 you know Who stands at the foundation of our marriage 
48. your humility
49. your amazing love of scripture
50. that you don't get mad at me when the bedroom is so hot and I close the window anyway because it's too noisy outside and i can't sleep when it's too noisy outside

Happy happy birthday my heart! I will love you to the end of the universe and back!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

time away

resting a bit on the bike path in Stowe
Lake Champlain, Burlington

Hiking 101: is this poison ivy i'm standing in?

almost to the top
made it!
such a trooper!
Will is looking for a short cut down the mountain's hiking trail. Sadly, there is none.
 ben and jerry's ice cream factory, the cows that made the milk that made the ice cream

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 21 Bill!

Because he's way over on the other side of the country.....

We skyped with him on his birthday

It was rather quick, turns out he had friends waiting to take him out to celebrate. There were brownies and a surprise gift he opened from us while skyping.... but, still.... weird for me.

It was a weird way for us to celebrate his 21st birthday, but that's what happens when your kid enjoys going to school 3,000 miles away from you!
Happy Birthday Bilbo, we love you so much!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

celebrating Zoe's thirteenth spin around the sun

early morning... time to bake a cake and churn ice cream
cooling before slathered with fudge icing 
she couldn't resist...  had to open a gift early!
big bro skyped in to wish her a happy day
Zoe's loot!
happy thirteenth my babe!